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Pool Inspection: What is Checked and Why You Need One

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A pool inspection in Sydney is necessary to have done if you want to keep your family, friends and visitors safe.

The Australian Standards for Pools and Spas outlines what should be checked during a pool safety inspection in Sydney, it includes the water chemistry,Guest Posting cleanliness of the area, safety features in the surrounding area as well as any repairs that need to be made. A certified inspector will also check for leaking pipes, draining problems or other damage from storms or accidents.

What is a pool inspection and why do you need one?

A pool inspection is generally conducted by certified inspectors who check the equipment and safety features. Such an inspection is important because it ensures safety features are in place and working properly around your swimming area like fencing & gates (if applicable) and equipment such as pumps, ladders, filtration equipment, covers, etc. are in good working order and safe to use.

When should I get a pool inspection?

In Australia, pool inspections are required regularly in order to get a certificate of conformity stating that your pool is up to certain standards. This certificate of conformity needs to be obtained once every three years as well as after any repairs or renovations have been made to the swimming area and/or equipment. Inspections are also recommended if you notice anything unusual such as a leak, damage, odour etc.

Different types of inspections available to homeowners

There can be several different types of inspections in Australia, all depending on your specific circumstances and what you want to have checked. For example, a basic inspection will provide an overview of the general condition of your swimming area while a more thorough inspection would include checking for cracks or leaks as well as testing the water chemistry levels and ensuring there is no debris inside the water.

If you need to have your pool inspected for any reason, such as when you are selling a property or completing significant renovation work, it is highly recommended that you contact an independent inspector in order to ensure that there are no problems. Not only can this save money by preventing unexpected costs arising from faults found during inspections but also help you to keep your swimming area safe.

How much does an inspection cost?

The cost of a pool safety inspection in Sydney can vary depending on whether it is a commercial or residential property. If the area has recently been renovated you may have to pay more for an inspection as there could be additional checks required due to how much work has gone into updating the property. If you are unsure of what will need to be checked during your inspection, then simply ask your local independent inspector who can provide advice and help to ensure that everything runs smoothly at inspection time.

Safety tips for the homeowner before, during, and after an inspection

Here are a few tips to be followed by pool owners and their families to ensure that safety is prioritised:

Before the inspection, make sure you check the area for anything dangerous or hazardous and remove any objects which may pose a risk of injury. This would include sharp objects such as glass bottles, rocks and other debris that could be harmful if present in the surrounding area.

During an inspection it is important not only to keep children away from the water but also yourself as the inspector will need access to all areas without interruptions. Not having anyone around means they can take extra time checking everything carefully with no distractions whatsoever. Anytime there are kids running amok on site this causes headaches for inspectors trying to do their job properly.

Resources for home inspectors in your area

When searching for an inspector it is vital to get an experienced and certified professional to come out and check your pool. An inspector will have a lot of different equipment with them such as long probes for testing the depths, water quality meters, pH testers etc. Some inspectors even have specialized training in detecting defects that require more extensive repairs than just filling holes or patching cracks on your walls so it’s always best to get a professional you can trust who has been properly trained by an accredited organization.

A good inspection company will not only look at what you need them to, but they will also provide all of their findings for you as well as educate you on how to maintain your swimming area going forward.

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Role of Professional Consultation in Web Development

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Business world is critical without appropriate consultations as there are various factors effecting business according to its nature. Whether it is offline business or online business, without appropriate consultations with industry experts it is very critical to take correct decisions and move further for any development activity. Online business is not “cup of tea” for everyone as it has become more critical due to advanced IT technologies and regular innovations in the field. IT experts consulting before introducing any new online business or any kind of technological integration in the existing business is advisable for the more productive results.

Website Development is the process of creativity and expertise as it requires talented professionals to understand the critical aspects of the online market and deep knowledge of the programming languages & designing aspects. Design & Development of the website demands for the knowledge of current web market trends and requires the appropriate understanding of the business nature to make the perfect match with technology as well as Web Market demands. Before introducing business on the internet its better to approach for the appropriate consulting firm or experts about Web Marketing as well as Website Design & Development.

Some Plus Points of the Web Design & Development Consultation

o It is very obvious that first business has to be established then promotional activities will proceed accordingly. There are two types of professional consulting services are use to exist in the consultations of web development such as first is regarding professional website design and second is website promotion consulting services.

o Consulting firm and experts of the online web design & development should aware about changing business nature & trends, should be capable of implementing important strategies of the business, to make a perfect online solution in the form of good & interactive website for better online presentation of product & services.

o It is not necessary that all offline businessmen have the knowledge of web market and its critical aspects, to introduce the business on the internet there must be technical know how about the online web development field. Professional web development companies or experts are best way for the consultation about the introduction of your offline business to online web world.

o The most critical aspect of the online website promotion is correct Keywords & Meta tags, appropriate design of the website as well as attractive content enriched with appropriate keywords cannot be placed without professional consultancy.

o Next most important technical key factor of online web promotion is “Google Indexing” that only should be performed by technical professionals or consultancy is required to perform this correctly. Popular search engines have various parameters for indexing the website, to achieve the good index number in popular search engines there are certain practices should be performed by professionals such as:

  • Website link submission to popular search engine and directories
  • Articles and blogs submission
  • Development of RSS feed facility on the website
  • Taking feedback of the page regularly

It is advisable to take professional consultancy services regarding web development activities, as they are essential to get fruitful results from the competitive web market; it helps in increasing profits with online visualization of the products and services.

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Pharma Consulting Uptake on the Increase

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The usage of pharma consulting firms is something that has the capacity to radically improve a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s compliance record and due to the advantages associated with using pharma consulting firms, it is little wonder that the utilisation of this resource is on the increase.

Pharma consulting firms are something that aren’t necessarily new to the medical device and supplement industry but the quality of the training programmes and experience of the consultants now mean that they are truly an invaluable resource that cannot be overlooked by manufacturers looking to improve their performance and compliance within the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma consulting agencies can really add value to the manufacturing processes behind medical devices and supplements and the professionals operating in this field will make it their responsibility to help enhance the general safety levels of the products that reach the marketplace.

Speaking to Consulting Firms about FDA Compliance

It is clearly the case that one of the biggest issues that continually arises in the pharmaceutical industry is that of FDA compliance and it is one of the biggest factors in derailing the operations of manufacturers. It will definitely be worthwhile for manufacturers to consider the use of consulting firms because they will have the necessary expertise in the form of their pharmaceutical consultants to guide them through any FDA compliance issues that will arise.

To make the most of consulting agencies, it is a good idea to bring them into the design and manufacturing process at an early stage. In doing this, you can help guarantee that they have the opportunity to assess the sort of products you are manufacturing and offer you any pertinent advice on any FDA compliance or good manufacturing practice (GMP) that could potentially arise.

Consulting services will prove invaluable to manufacturers of all sizes and no matter what type of pharmaceutical goods are being produced, their expert analysis and extensive knowledge of how the industry operates is something that will help a manufacturer of pharmaceutical goods to really prosper.

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Freelancer, Consultant, or Entrepreneur – What’s the Difference?

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Remember the poor little bird in P. D. Eastman’s much beloved children’s book Are You My Mother? The one who hatches from his egg while his mother is out scratching around for food and can’t figure out who he is? By the middle of the story, this confused hatchling is in the midst of a full-blown identity crisis, wandering around asking everyone, “Are you my mother?”

That’s how it is in the business world. We bandy around the words freelancer, consultant, and entrepreneur as if they are interchangeable, although they are not. Sometimes our clients are confused. Often we are, too. When we aren’t clear about how we offer our products and services, it makes it difficult for potential clients to know whether or not to hire us.

What’s the difference?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: a freelancer is “a person who acts independently without being affiliated with or organized by an organization; who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer.” A consultant, on the other hand, is “one who gives professional advice or services as an expert.” In a completely different category is the entrepreneur who “organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise.”

Freelance vs. Consultant

Technically, there isn’t much of a difference between being a consultant and being a freelancer. Both are independent contractors working for multiple clients. They are their own bosses. The main difference between the two is that one gives professional or expert advice and the other offers a deliverable.


Freelancers offer a deliverable–something concrete and tangible. Deliverables can include writing an article for a newspaper or magazine, designing a web site for a client, or painting a commissioned artwork for a building opening. Freelancers get in, do the job, and get out. Often enjoying a variety of assignments while working from home, they earn their living by contracting for work on a project-by-project basis. At the end of the year, they have plenty of 1099s to show for it.

Fields where freelancing is especially common include journalism, writing, copywriting, computer programming, software development, graphic design, film production, landscaping, architecture, translation, fine art, music, and acting.


Consultants give professional or expert advice, generally to management. They may come in and evaluate how a company can streamline their production efforts or render a professional opinion on an accounting audit. They give their advice and opinion so that others can make informed decisions, select the best course of action, or accurately forecast an outcome.

Consultants, like freelancers, enjoy a wide variety of projects and earn their living by contracting for projects on a project-by-project basis. Unlike freelancers, most of their work is done outside of the home. At the end of the year, in addition to 1099s, they may also have some W2s to show for their work.

Fields where consultants are especially common include financial planning, strategic planning, marketing, research, training, business planning, business review, computing, integration of new technology, medicine, psychology, and law. Entrepreneur vs. Freelancer and Consultant

Freelancers and Consultants

Freelancers and consultants sell themselves. Though they may have a few employees working for them, their focus is on getting a job done rather than running a business. What drives freelancers and consultants is the pleasure and satisfaction of working for themselves, setting their own hours, and deciding what projects they will or won’t take on. They don’t like to take too much risk.


Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, sell their business. They focus on building something big, lasting, and profitable. They enjoy taking calculated risks and manifest their vision in the form of a business. For them, it’s all about making it big and leaving behind a legacy.

Some famous entrepreneurs include: Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Hefner, Michael Dell, Mary Kay Ash, Debbi Fields, and Anita Roddick (founder of The Body Shop).

Freelancers and Consultants as Business Owners

Freelancers and consultants may decide to start up a small freelance or consultant business, although they have no interest in overseeing or operating a large company. They like putting themselves out there–just not too much. Freelancers and consultants are their product or service. Without themselves, their business is not sustainable.

Entrepreneurs as Business Owners

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are all about their business. Though they may start out small with only a few employees, it is just a matter of time before their small business expands. The very nature of an entrepreneur is to take risks, think big, and grow. Often, venture capitalists and other investors are involved. An entrepreneur’s business is sustainable and can survive after they are gone.


Knowing the distinctions between the three very different categories is just the beginning. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you to determine how you label yourself. Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, or entrepreneur, it’s up to you to decide for yourself the kind of success you want.

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